Townhomes and 36’ Singles in Caledon, a treasure at the edge of the city

Where Life is Warmer and Community Connects

The Village of SouthFields is a master planned community where every detail has been thoughtfully designed to enhance village life for the residents. From the welcoming gates to the spacious neighbourhood streetscapes and abundant green space, SouthFields offers plenty of room to live, play and grow.

At SouthFields, you can walk to village amenities. Neighbours meet as they stroll to the village retail area. Kids can walk to school and families can spend time together. Biking and hiking on miles of trails. Playing at the park. Exploring nature at the pond.

Discover the warmth of village lifestyle at SouthFields where you are close to everything and connected to the people in your bustling community.

Caledon, a treasure on the edge of the city

Here, where the Niagara Escarpment meets the Oak Ridges Moraine, something beautiful is created. An extraordinary topography that is as magnificent as it is welcoming. Magnificent gorges and rushing rivers. Pine forests. Rolling meadows resplendent in wild flowers. The residents of Caledon cherish living here, with a commitment that has ensured that everything that is special about this timeless landscape is still here to enjoy. Caledon residents share a love of the outdoors and all things authentic. Treasures like timeless villages and organics and handcrafts. A stone's throw from city life and all the convenient amenities, Caledon is the very ideal of elegant country living that many dream of, but is truly only available in a handful of communities around the world.

A Pioneering Spirit

The first settlers arrived in the village in the early 1820s. The early pioneers were Scots, Irish, and United Empire Loyalists. For the Scots, the hills, rocks, woods, and streams of Caledon were reminders of their homeland.

What are now known as Hurontario Street and Highway 10, were opened as a rough sleigh tracks by the government.

Early settlements in the townships developed around water-powered mill sites on the Credit and Humber rivers, and at various crossroads. A post office was started in 1838, and by 1877, the area was bustling and a thriving railway was built through the village. The present-day Caledon Trailway meanders across its abandoned lands.

Today, many of Toronto's wealthiest citizens own large country estates in the area, among them many members of the Eaton Family, Norman Jewison, Elton John and the inventors of the board game Trivial Pursuit. Visitors come for the landscape and to tour the many quaint of craft and antique shops. Caledon still embodies a great deal of the pioneer spirit and revels in its elegant contemporary country lifestyle, a short distance from the sprawling urban metropolis of Toronto.